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Two Sheldon Teams Place in the Stock Market Game

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We were notified this week that two of our Sheldon teams placed 1st and 2nd in The Stock Market Game. The teams are made up of students in Christy Lockard’s  4th hour Introduction to Business Class.

 We received notification that we could sign up teams for free if Mrs. Lockard signed up and watched a webinar. So I watched the webinar and then signed up three teams. The 4th Hour Introduction to Business class is made up of three students, Destiny Shelton, Morgan Compton, and Corey Baney. I signed all of them up for the three teams making one of them the captain of each team. The captain of the team makes all the final purchasing and selling decisions for the team.

 In The Stock Market Game each team is given $100,000 to invest, as they determine, in the stock market, mutual funds bonds and whether to sell short or buy long. The contest starts in September and ran through November 30. This year there were several factors that contributed to the up and down progress of the stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. Those factors include the presidential election, hurricane Sandy, and the state of our overall economy.  The “fiscal cliff” decision has also affected the market considerably.

 The three student did extensive training and research on companies of their choice with the captain of the team making the final purchasing and selling decisions.

 Destiny Shelton’s team placed first in The Stock Market Competition in the West Central Secondary 1 Division. Morgan Compton’s team placed second in the West Central Secondary 1 Division. Corey Baney also had a team but was not lucky enough to place.

 The stock market was a new area for the students to learn about. The class learned how the stock market works and then chose companies that they either were interested in or had a connection to. The students would check their stocks daily to watch and see if they gained or lost. It was very nerve racking at times for the students having to decide to leave their investment or to purchase and/or sell their stocks, bonds, and mutual funds.

 It was a new territory for the students to explore, but I believe they had a great time learning and investing their $100,000.