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After School Talent Show 2013

         I was not very keen on having a Talent Show as it takes a toll on the one who is “in charge”, namely me.  You have to make sure all the props, clothing, music, dance performances, etc are appropriate for viewing for all audiences.  I would not make it as a person who determines the ratings on movies.  Besides the above mentioned areas, there is the promotion of the event itself, advanced information sharing, sign up deadlines, judges, and numerous other things to go along with any event.

          I had decided on my line-up for the evening to start with someone to “begin the way you want to end”, and I chose well.  Luke McClure, hula-hooper extradonaire, started the show with an exhibition any mother would be proud to tell others about.  With each performance, the show just got better and better.  By the end of the show, it was a miracle the individuals could even get on the stage because how my heart had swelled with pride. 

          The abundance of talent that our small town has is over-whelming and the exuberance with which they were each willing to share was wonderful.  Mr. Bob Cochran, band instructor, was absolutely brilliant as Master of Ceremonies who kept things moving along seamlessly.  As well as the two yahoos or “stage hands” as they preferred to be called, Austin Bays and Evan Brock without whose help we would have been dead in the water.  They were the technological geniuses of the evening using the sound system and the internet to produce the melodious songs for the performers.

          If you were not able or chose not to attend the 2013 Sheldon Talent Show, you missed something.  Something that was beyond my hopes and dreams but a reality for our students.