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You are Exhausting your Money without a Budget

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Amy Brzuchowski, Junior, Sheldon High School


You are exhausting your money without a budget! What is a budget? A budget is an estimate, often itemized, of expected incomeand expenses for a given period of time. So how does this affect your life? As an adult if you spend too much money on items that are not needed at the time, then you will not have the money you need to pay items such as your rent, utilities, food, insurance and other necessities. By having a budget you will know how much money you have coming in and where you need to spend the money to pay necessary expenses before you buy items you want or do not necessarily need at that time.

Budgets can be difficult but are worth it in the end. By establishing a good planned budget, you are making your life more stable. Without a budget your life and money will be exhausted, just like the money being exhausted out of the car.

 My project portrays how easily your hard earned income can be exhausted or wasted when a person does not have a budget. Without a budget, a person takes the chance of having late payments and running short of funds for necessities. Budgets aide a person in planning, they know what their income is and they can strategize and plan where every cent is spent, whether that is on fixed or variable expenses, having a savings account or emergency fund, but you will know where your money is going.

A person who has a good budget and follows it will be able to afford items in life that would only be a wish for others that do not have a budget. Be wise and make a budget no matter how old you are. When you start a part-time job to save for a car or college, make the smart move to make a budget and use it so you do not exhaust your money!