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Money Doesn't Grow on Trees

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Kylie Leavell, Junior, Sheldon High School


        The meaning of this well-known phrase “money doesn’t grow on trees” isn’t just something to throw around. It implies that money is a resource that must be earned. You can’t just take a walk outside and go up to a tree to gather money, as you would when you gather fruit from a tree. Usually people work hard for their money. Therefore, you should consider having a budget, so we can make wise decisions when using our hard earned money.

        Everything requires money and without a budget, you’re basically letting it blow off the tree with no direction. Many people lose or misspend their money because they do not use a budget to track what comes in and where it is being paid out. By using a budget you can track every cent coming in and plan for your expenses and savings.

        My project is represents that if money really grew on trees, then the world would be covered in cash. Nobody would need to work for anything and everyone would get greedy. By having to earn our money, it forces most people to have some sort of a budget. If people do not use a budget they will most likely be late on payments and never have a savings fund or emergency fund. Budgeting is a necessity in order to have everything you need in life.

        By wisely using a budget, you can plan how your income will meet your fixed and variable expenses and have a savings plan for the purchase of larger items or an emergency fund. Without a budget or some way of organizing your income and expenses, you will be in debt or financial trouble sooner than later. By using a good budget, you will have more time in life to spend playing on the tire swing instead of worrying about your debt. Be wise and use a budget.