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Budgeting: The Tortoise and the Hair

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"Show Me the Shreds"

        Once upon a time, there was a hare and a tortoise. The hare thought that he was so fast that he could beat anyone in a race. The tortoise said that there has to be somebody that could beat him. Then, the hare challenged the tortoise to a race. When the hare was far ahead, he would stop to rest. The tortoise just kept going until he made it to the finish line. The hare lost the race because he kept stopping. The moral of the story, slow and steady wins the race, is something people need to consider when creating and using a budget.

        There are two different types of people when it comes to creating a budget. Some are like the hare. They spend their money fast so they may run a little short on money. Those people have to wait, like the hare, until their next paycheck. Waiting for more money may make you fall behind on your bills, pay late fees, and lower your credit rating.  Then, there are people like the tortoise. They save their money until they determine the best time to pay for bills or buy things. Those people spread out their payments and learn to live within their means. People like the tortoise budget their money so it will last until next pay day.

         “The Tortoise and the Hare” relates to creating a budget. When it comes to budgeting, it is better to be like the tortoise rather than the hare. Being a “hare” will not get you very far. Being like the tortoise will raise your credit, raise your chances of receiving loans, and much more. The “tortoise” budget will surely help you win the race.