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2018-19 School Supply List

Sheldon R-VIII School Supply List 2018-19

Preschool: Clorox Wipes, Full change of clothes, Folder w/2 pockets, 3 ring binder (new students), back pack, water color paint


Kindergarten: 12 plain #2 pencils, 2 pink pearl erasers, 2 black dry erase markers, 1 box 24 count crayons, 1 box 10 count broad line markers, 2 packages 3x5 index cards, 1 index card box, 2 folders with brads and pockets ( the plastic-like ones hold up best), 1 1-inch 3 ring binder, 1 bottle Elmer’s glue, scissors, 3 boxes Kleenex, 1 large container Clorox wipes, 1 supply/art box, gym shoes, Paint shirt (old t-shirt is fine), Kindermat OR large towel for nap, Hand Sanitizer


First Grade: 1 pair of scissors, 1 Mead-primary writing  journal, 1 glue bottle of glue, 1 box crayons-24ct., 1 small supply box, 4 chisel black dry erase markers, 12 #2 pencils, 1 pair of gym shoes, 2 pink eraser, 4 plastic pocket folders with brads, 2 packages of index cards, 1 small index card storage box, 1 container of Clorox wipes


Second Grade: Clean gym shoes, water bottle, 4 black dry erase markers, small flashlight (with batteries),  index cards, 2 boxes of Kleenex, 3 folders (w/brads and pockets), 3 pink erasers, 1 spiral notebook, 12 #2 pencils, 1 glue bottle, 1 package of wide ruled paper, 1 box colored pencils, 3 glue sticks  
 Third Grade:  24 pencils, 1 erasers, crayons or colored pencils, 3 packages notebook paper, 2 spiral notebooks,  2 folders with brads and pockets (the plastic-like ones hold up best), scissors, 2 glue sticks/1bottle glue, 1 supply/art box, 1 ruler, 3+ boxes of Kleenex, 1 container Clorox wipes, clipboard, gym shoes


Fourth Grade: 24 Pencils, 8-10 Expo Markers (Dark Colors),1 black permanent marker, 1 packages of markers, box of crayons, box of colored pencils, 4- glue sticks, 1 bottle of Elmer’s Glue, 1 package of pencil erasers, ruler, scissors, large art box or plastic shoe box (holds supplies better), 4 packages of loose leaf paper, 1 spiral notebooks, planner, 6 plastic pocket folders with tabs, 1- 1inch binder with rings, 1-box of Kleenex, 1+ containers of Clorox Wipes, old sock or white board eraser, gym shoes


Fifth Grade: 1 package pencils, 1 large eraser, 1 box colored pencils, 1 box 24 count crayons, 1 box markers, 4 black dry erase markers, 1 old sock or eraser for white board, 1 pair scissors, 1 ruler, 1-3 ring binder (simple-NOT a Trapper Keeper), 2 pkgs. notebook paper, 1 clipboard, 3 boxes of Kleenexes, 1 pkg. of glue sticks, 1 pair of gym shoes, 2 highlighters, 1 container of Clorox Wipes


Sixth Grade: 2 large pink erasers, 1 package colored pencils, 1 package markers, 1 box of 24+ crayons, 4 fine tip dry erase markers, 24+ pencils, 1 pair of scissors, 2 glue sticks, 1 bottle liquid Elmer’s glue,  1 plastic shoe box with lid, 5 packages of loose leaf paper (wide rule), 4 spiral 1-subject notebooks, 2 plastic pocket folders with brads, 1-2” binder with dividers, 1 pair of gym shoes, one pair of headphones/earbuds  to leave at school, 2 boxes of tissues, 2 Clorox Wipes, 1 scientific  function calculator, binder


*****7th and 8th grade English: 1 spiral notebook, loose leaf paper, 2” binder, headphones to leave at school, planner


*****7th and 8th grade Math: Scientific Calculator, 2” binder with dividers, Composition Notebook, Fine Tip Dry Erase Markers