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Team Spirit/Red Ribbon Week 2014

The week of October 27-31, 2014, has been a very busy time for the Sheldon PreK-12th Grade students. We celebrated Team Spirit/Red Ribbon Week.               We had a specified activity for each day of the week. Monday if you were at school, you would have seen several students wearing mustaches. The theme of the day was “I mustache you NOT to do drugs” and the team spirit members passed out mustache stickers to every student. Some of the students were a little more into the activity and brought their own mustaches!

                Tuesday most of the students looked like they had just gotten out of bed because it was “Be comfy and don’t do drugs!” theme and everyone wore either their pajama’s or comfy clothing. Some students even brought their blankies and stuffed animals!

                Wednesday was about friends! The theme was “Friends Don’t Let Friends . . . Bully, Drive & Drink, Text & Drive, or Do Drugs! The PreK-6th grade students received bracelets with the theme on them and the 7th-12th grade students received some neat square “Don’t Drive & Text” stickers. It was also a little more somber in the 7th-12th grade classrooms because each class period one student wore a sign and on the sign it had what had happened to them, some were in crashes and were killed, some were in accidents and were just injured. I heard several students talking and they said, “The signs sure make you think about what could happen!” Isn’t that the truth! Remember to be a great friend and don’t let your friends . . . Bully, Drive & Drink, Text & Drive, or Do Drugs!

                Thursday was a great day with the theme being “Team Up” Against Drugs! The students were to wear their favorite team clothing! Through the halls I saw several Royals shirts, chief shirts, and then some other teams clothing. Some not only had their team clothing on but some had hats on for their favorite teams also. It was a fun day!

                Friday morning during announcements the Door Decorating Winners were announced and they are as follows: The PreK-3rd Grade category winner was “Kindergarten!”; the 4th-6th and Sped Classroom winner was “4th Grade!”; and the winner for the 7th-12th was the “Juniors!” Each class that won received their prize Friday morning.

                On Friday the theme was to dress-up for Halloween! The Team Spirit passed out “Halloween Bags” to all students in PreK-6th grade students and all students PreK-12th grade received “Red Ribbons that have the saying “Proud to be Drug Free!” and the Elks stickers that say “Drug Free Forever!” that were donated to the Sheldon School by the Nevada Elks Lodge!

                Students came to school in their costumes and in the afternoon the elementary students did their parade through the high school hall and classrooms and then they were transported to Main Street for their parade through the businesses and community members. Then they were taken by Chiggers, The Rock Pile Café, and Jenny’s Kitchen before they returned to their classrooms for their class parties.


      The Team Spirit members, Zack Garren, George Shelton, Jacob McCartney, Lane Compton, Kaleb Martin, Evan Brock, Beth Spencer, Melissa Handle, Zoey Bray, Camie Ford, Marissa Rector, Alycia Baney, Logan Lamb, and their sponsor, Christy Lockard would like to thank everyone who participated or helped in any way to make our Team Spirit/Red Ribbon Week a great success. The members and sponsor would also like to thank the “Sheldon School” for purchasing the treats and give-a-ways to help the students remember what they have learned during this week. Another great thank you is also sent out to the Nevada Elks Lodge for supplying our “Red Ribbons—Proud to be Drug Free” and the “Elks Drug Free Forever!” stickers.

                The Team Spirit members are planning more activities later in the year. We are planning an assembly with a couple of great speakers to come in and talk to the students. We are also planning to hold a Docu-drama in the spring, if it can all be schedule and planned. If you would like to help or know someone who would, please have them contact our sponsor, Christy Lockard, in the Business Room of the Sheldon School.