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Sheldon FBLA Competes in Districts

Sheldon FBLA medalists at District FBLA Competition: Beth Spencer 1st Place in Spreadsheet Applications, C.J. Curry 4th Place in Cyber Security, and Amy Brzuchowski 3rd Place in Word Processing

On Tuesday, February 10, 2015, the eight Sheldon FBLA members traveled by bus to the Calvary Baptist Church in Joplin, Missouri, for District Competition.

            FBLA District Competition is made up of several kinds of testing. For some test categories, students must take a 100-question on-line test in 60 minutes, while others must complete production tests that involve producing error-free documents in a times format. There are individual tests areas and team tests given. Some of the tests start with the on-line test and then if you are in the top 8 scores, your team must present in person at the district competition.

            Sheldon is FBLA District 17 which is one of the larger districts in the state. There are 25 school or FBLA Chapters in our district. There are all sizes of schools in the district that compete against each other. Some of the schools have 100+ members while like, Sheldon FBLA is very small with only 8 members.

Opening session at District FBLA is very interesting because roll call is taken of each chapter with their number of members being stated allowed. It immediately allows the Sheldon FBLA members to see how large some of the other chapters are that they compete against such as Joplin, Webb City, Carthage, McAuley , Carl Junction, all the way down to small schools like Sheldon, Bronaugh, and Northeast Vernon County.

            Sheldon FBLA members choose their testing areas and study and/or practice for the tests in Panther Hour at school or they stay for practice on Thursday’s until 4 p.m.

            Below I have listed each member and the tests that they competed in:


            Beth Spencer, Senior—tested in Personal Finance, Hospitality Management (Team Event), and Spreadsheet Applications.

            Melissa Handle, Senior—tested in Health Care Administration (Team Event) and Personal Finance.

            C.J. Curry, Senior—tested in Business Law and Cyber Security.

            Zoey Bray, Junior—tested in Accounting I and Business Communications.

            Amy Brzuchowski, Junior—tested in Accounting I, Word Processing, and Entrepreneurship (Team Event).

            Logan Lamb, Junior—tested in Cyber Security, Health Care Administration (Team Event) and Entrepreneurship (Team Event).

            Bailee Tripp, Junior—tested in Economics, Hospitality Management (Team Event) and Sports & Entertainment Management (Team Event).

            Brooke Tripp, Junior—tested in Business Law, Economics, and Sports & Entertainment Management (Team Event).


            Sheldon walked away with three medalists at District FBLA which is fantastic. The winners being Beth Spencer who received 1st place in Spreadsheet Applications, C.J. Curry who received 4th place in Cyber Security, and Amy Brzuchowski who received 3rd place in Word Processing. Out of our three medalists, two qualify for state competition, those being Beth Spencer and C.J. Curry.

            There are other areas where members can compete in competitions called straight to state events and this year Beth Spencer, Melissa Handle, and Zoey Bray are competing in the Community Service Project Event. They must submit on-line, in March, a report meeting all the specific guidelines for their event. Once they submit their report, we will find out if they are in the top 8 positions, and if so, then they will present their report and findings at state.

            Other members can also attend state where they will participate in Leadership Conference Meetings, go through the State Officer Campaigning, attend Opening and Closing Session, along with many other activities that the State FBLA holds for those attending state.

            Also at District FBLA, each chapter is responsible for supplying judges and administering different events. Sheldon FBLA Adviser Christy Lockard was responsible for administering the Hospitality Management Presentations and the Sports & Entertainment Management Presentations. Mrs. Lockard would like to thank her judges, Mr. Tyler Judd and Mrs. Michelle Psomas for taking the day off work to judge the above two competitions.

            Another exciting item at District FBLA was that Mrs. Lockard  was able to take 4 of her Middle Level FBLA Members to assist the judges we provided by being the time keepers for each event and for watching the door of each event to make sure no one enter while a presenation was taking place. The four Sheldon Middle Level FBLA members that attended were: Meckinize McCartney, Tori McClure, Isaac Hall, and Kayden Cox.

            The Sheldon FBLA members planning to attend state and compete are actively studying and prepare their report for state competition.

            Mrs. Lockard would also like to thank the parents of the members for allowing their members to be involved in FBLA and appreciate their efforts to assist their member meet dress code required for district and state competition and for seeing that their member was to school at 7 a.m. and ready to leave.