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Sheldon Covid Procedures for Reopening School

Dear Parents/Guardians,


School is right around the corner and we couldn’t be more excited to get it rolling again. I do ask that everyone be patient and flexible this year. I work closely with our local health departments on making the best decisions to ensure the safety and well-being of our students and staff. With that being said, decisions can and probably will change throughout the year. We will be sending out information all year via email, text, phone, and social media. I am going to list a few of our changes that will affect us this year.


Masks/Face Coverings: masks or face coverings are highly recommended.  The school will provide masks for all students.


Transportation: there will not be an in-town (city limits) bus route this year. I am also encouraging all parents to bring their kids to school if possible. Masks will be required to ride on the bus for all students’ grades 3-12. If you have a younger child, I encourage them to wear a mask if possible.


Pick-up/Drop-off: This will primarily be the same as years past. Drop off and pick-up at cafeteria door.


Breakfast/Lunch: Hot meals will be provided, however some students will eat in their classrooms. IMPORTANT-there will not be plates, bowls, silverware available for students who bring their lunch. Microwaves will be limited, so I encourage your child to bring food that does not need to be heated. There will not be a “share” table this year, however we will be selling extra milks (.45 cents) and bottled water (.25 cents). If your child qualifies for free or reduced lunches and they get an extra milk or extra water, they will be charged for that and you will be responsible for paying.


Visitors: We are going to limit visitors in the building. Kindergarten parents can walk their child to class on the first day of school only. All visitors to the school are required to wear a mask when in the building. If you need to visit with a teacher or staff, then you may set up an appointment through Mrs. Compton’s office.


Parties: We will not be doing parent-led birthday parties this year. You may send treats to the office, we will take them to the classroom, and the teacher will take care of the rest.


Athletics: If you choose to come watch an athletic event, masks will be required unless you can social distance (6 feet) from other patrons. If your family is sitting together and are 6 feet away from other patrons, then you can take your mask off. If you bring younger kids to the games, they will not be allowed to run around the cafeteria, they must sit with you in the bleachers. If you want to see the students perform, then follow the rules. Do not make this difficult.


Cleaning and Sanitizing: Desks will be wiped down often as well as “high-touch” areas. The entire school will be sanitized with a misting machine each night.


Decisions on other activities will be made throughout the year. Be ready for changes to happen at any time.





Jason Irwin