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Christy Lockard

Vocational Business Teacher
Business . . . is my area! Currently I am teachering the following classes: 1st hour--Business Communications or better known as Yearbook, 2nd hour--Computer Applications, 3rd hour--Accounting I & II, 4th hour--Introduction to Business, 5th hour--Personal Finance during the first semester and 7th & 8th Grade computers during the second semester, 6th hour--I have a different elementary class every day for 3rd-6th grade elementary students, and 7th hour--is my planning period. I love the classes I teach and I have great students! (most of the time!) Total I have been a Business Teacher for 20 years. I have taught 16 years at Sheldon, with 2 years at Bronaugh and 2 years at Montrose.

Along with teaching I am also the FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) Adviser. I have the High School FBLA for grades 9-12 and the Middle Level FBLA for 6-8 grades. We stay late most every Thursday for practice from 3:06-4:00 to prepare for competitions. I am also the National Honor Society Sponsor and the Freshman Class Sponsor with the science teacher Sarah Holz. With teaching and all of this, I stay pretty busy at school.

Personally I have been married to my husband, Alan for 32 years and we have three great children. Our oldest is our daughter, Michelle who is married to Cliff and they have my only grandchild, Cole! Then I have Adam and Christapher. At home we have our dog, Sophee, a black cocker spaniel, but I also have "granddoggies", Michelle, Cliff, and Cole have Ellee, a bassett hound, then Adam has Paisley who he adopted from a dog shelter, and Christapher has Dexter, a bassett hound.

In my spare time, I love spending time with my family and most of all my grandson, Cole. I also love to quilt and do about any kind of crafty projects.

I enjoy reading and listening to music along with being outside in the summer time. One of my main favorite things is snowmen. I like the snow just not the ice!

I also enjoy helping people and being able to donate and help others with projects they are working on.

My motto I like to live by is "Love what you do or don't do it because it will just be a waste of time!" I take this to heart when I chose my career as a business teacher. I love helping students of all ages learn how to effectively use the computer and learn more about the business world we live it!

Remember to live, love, and laugh!