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Constitution & By-Laws


Of The



Article I – Name

Section 1:  The name of this organization shall be “GVVC Conference”.


Article II – Philosophy

Section 1:  It is the function of the GVVC Conference to bring about a worthwhile enhancement of the member schools activities, and to the academic programs of member school districts.  The inter-scholastic activities will be educationally sound and will meet the physical, mental and emotional maturity levels of the students who participate.  We will strive to provide educational experiences, which will develop learning outcomes in the area of knowledge, skills and emotional patterns and will contribute to the development of better citizens.


Article III – Membership

Section 1:  The membership of the organization shall consist of the following schools:  Ballard, Bronaugh, Hume, Montrose, Northeast Vernon County, and Sheldon.  The membership shall consist of these schools and others that might be voted into the Conference.


Section 2:  The annual membership dues shall-be set and paid no later than January 31st of the school year.  A statement of billing will be mailed to each school by December 31st.  Failure to make payment on time will result in an additional $50.00 fee.  Payment will be sent to the Secretary-Treasurer or President of the Conference.


Section 3:  A member may be dropped from the Conference for just cause by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of member schools.  This action will take effect July 1st of the following school year after the vote.


Section 4:  Schools wishing to voluntarily withdraw from the Conference shall:

                        1). Give the Conference one years’ notice

                        2). Forfeit any membership fees to the Conference

3). Provide written rational for withdrawal with proposed solutions to correct the issues.


Section 5:  New members may be admitted to the Conference provided two-thirds (2/3) of the member schools approve their qualifying membership.


Article IV – Organization

Section 1:  The offices of this organization shall be President and Secretary-Treasurer.  The President and the Secretary-Treasurer shall be from the same school.  All financial transactions by check shall require two signatures.  The Secretary-Treasurer shall be responsible for maintaining financial accuracy and integrity of all Conference funds.


Section 2:  The President and the Secretary-Treasurer shall be from the host school.  The host school shall be on an alphabetical rotating basis beginning 2005/2006.  Conference term runs from July 1 to June 30.  Membership reserves the right to modify rotation with a two-thirds (2/3) vote.


Article V – Meetings

Section1:  There shall be two scheduled meetings of the Golden Valley Vernon County Conference each year.  The officers of this Conference will schedule any further meetings with notification to each member school at least one week in advance.  Upon request of three member schools, the President shall call a special meeting of Conference members.


Section 2:  The meetings of the Administrators of the Golden Valley Vernon County Conference will be held during the school year, with dates to be set by the President.


Article VI – Committees

Section 1:  The President may appoint any committee deemed necessary or desirable.


Article VII – Ratification

Section 1:  The GVVC Conference constitution shall be ratified by a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of member schools.  Changes to take effect July 1st after the vote.


Article VIII – By Laws

1.     The Conference President will cause to be issued 25 passes to each Conference school.  The pass will be good for the school board, staff and spouses only.  The Superintendent of each Conference school will determine who receives the passes in his/her respective school.  These passes are good for all Conference activities excepttournaments.  The following will be admitted free without passes to activities in which they are participating:  team members, cheerleaders in uniform, managers, score table personnel, coaches, sponsors, bus drivers, and their spouses when accompanying the team.


2.     All-Conference teams are to be selected by coaches at a meeting following the close of each sport season. 


 A coach will nominate the number of students they believe appropriate.



1st Team

2nd Team

Honorable Mention

















A player receiving 1 vote and not placed on the second team will receive honorable mention. A school not having a player on an All-Conference team may have the coach place 1 player on All-Conference Honorable Mention.


3.     All activities of the GVVC Conference shall be conducted in accordance to the rules and regulations of the MSHSAA.


4.     The home team shall make all contracts for the GVVC Conference.


5.     The pass list for tournaments should not exceed 40 people per school and shall include players, managers, score table personnel, cheerleaders, sponsors, bus drivers, coaches, administrators and spouses of coaches and administrators.


6.     Charges for all Conference athletic contests will be adults $3, students $2.


7.     Representatives of the various activities will meet to coordinate planning of the activities.  The dates and activities must be approved by the administration.  These include, but are not limited to the following list:  Music Clinics, Speech-Drama, Elementary Spelling Bee, Academic Quiz Bowl and Math Relays.


Addendum to GVVC Bylaws


Rules for Approved GVVC Conference Activities


All-Conference Activities


Professional Learning Day Expenses

Lunch—reimbursed by schools

Speaker--$500 max. (reimbursed by schools)

Spring Meeting Expenses

Dinner—reimbursed by schools


Academic Activities


Math Relay Rules

Ø   Group Event & Team Event

Ø   Grade levels 7-8 and 9-12

Ø   Rules:

o    A school may bring a maximum of 3 students per subject-level test.  The subject-level tests are JH Math (maximum of 6 entries—3 from 7th & 3 from 8th).  Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, and Advanced Math (no school will bring more than 18 students since there are 6 subject level tests)

o    Each school must provide at least 1 adult (preferably the math teacher) to help score tests.

o    A student needs to be currently enrolled in the class for which the test is names.  8th graders currently taking algebra I should take the Algebra I test.

o    All tests will be composed of a mixture of multiple choice, short answer and mental computation questions (no mental computation on team tests).

o    Calculators including graphing calculators will be allowed on all parts but the mental computation section.

o    There are 3 team tests 7th/8th, 9th/10th, 11th/12th .  Each school may send one team for each division.  Teams will be composed of EXACTLY 2 students.  A student may compete in a team test at a higher grade level, but not lower.

o    Open events can be taken by any student.  Depending on the number of participants, the open events may be scored by grade level or grade level clusters.  All students not participating in a team event should participate in an open even.  Divide your students evenly between the two open events.

o    If you have students taking 2 math subjects concurrently and they would like to compete in both subjects, we can arrange for them to take the 2nd test during the 2nd testing period instead of a team or open event.

Ø   Expenses:  medals, traveling trophy

Music Events

Massed Vocal

Ø   Group Event—held in fall semester

Ø   Grade levels 7-12 (unless your band is 6-12)

Ø   No awards are given

Ø   Only in cases of extreme emergency is any student excused from the rehearsal process

Ø   A group performance will be held at the end of the day—open to parents and the public.

Ø   Expenses:  clinician, mileage, meal

o    No pay for overnight lodging

o    Music is the responsibility of the individual schools

o    Pianos should be in working and tuned condition

o    Host school will provide the accompanist

Massed Band

Ø   Group Event—held in spring semester

Ø   Grade levels 7-12 (unless your band is 6-12)

Ø   No awards are given

Ø   Only in cases of extreme emergency is any student excused from the rehearsals/performance.

Ø   A group performance will be held at the end of the day—open to parents and the public.

Ø   Expenses:  clinician, mileage, meal

o    No pay for overnight lodging

o    Music is the responsibility of the individual schools

o    Pianos should be in working and tuned condition

Quiz Bowl Rules

Ø   Group Event

Ø   Junior High 7-8/High School 9-12

Ø   Number of participants:  4 per team…8 on roster

Ø   MSHSAA Rules only

Ø   Awards:  team plaque with individual medals for 1st

o    Team plaque with no medals for 2nd

Ø   Expenses:

o    Awards

Questions (5 complete games for conference tournament)

 Science Fair Rules (pending…revisions discussed on April 2, 2007)

Ø   Individual Event

Ø   6-8 grades (if you have 6-8 or 7-8) and 9-12

Ø   4 per grade level

Ø   Certificates of Participation for participation/Individual Medals for 1st place in each category

Ø   Rules for science fair—categories should follow regional standards

Ø   Judges should have science background

Ø   Expenses:  certificates of participation and individual medals

Spelling Bee Rules

Ø   Individual Student Event

Ø   Grade Ranges:  Elementary 1-5, Middle School 6-8

Ø   3 students per grade, if more a school has more than one section of a grade—then 3 students per grade may be sent

Ø   Individual medals will be given to students for 1st, 2nd, & 3rd places.  Participation ribbons will be given to each participant.  A traveling trophy will be awarded to the school who earns the most points.

Ø   Basic Rules:

o    Students will be divided into rooms based on grade levels

o    Once a student begins spelling a word, he/she may not start over or respell any part of the word.  They may pause, but they must continue with the letter following the portion of the word that has just been spelled.

o    Students are asked to pronounce the word first, spell the word second, and then pronounce the word again after spelling the word.  This is so the judges know that the student has understood the word.

o    If a student gets a word like “ice cream”, the student should say space between “e” and “c”.  This also applies for hyphen use.

o    Students may ask for the judges to give the dictionary meaning of any word, and/or they may request the word be used in a sentence.  The dictionary that will be used is Merriam-Webster’s School Dictionary (c. 1999)

o    If all the words have been used from a list, the bee will continue with the list from the next grade level being used.

Ø   Traveling Trophy:

o    The winning school will be determined by the school with the most points.  Points will be awarded according to the following schedule:

o    1st place=3points

o    2nd place=2points

o    3rd place=1 point

o    In the event of a tie, the school with the most firsts will be given the traveling trophy.

Ø   Judges/Appeals Process:

o    Each room will have three officials.  One will pronounce the word and the other two will act as judges.

o    An appeals pass will be assigned to one representative from each school for each grade.  Only the representative with the appeals pass will be allowed to contest the judges’’ decision.  The people you choose for your appeals monitor should be someone who is outspoken and can make quick decisions.  Your district will be asked to provide the names of your representatives at least one week in advance of the date of the spelling bee. Parents will not be allowed to argue with the judges. 

o    The competition will stop briefly while the judges and the representative will meet in the appeals area to discuss the issue at hand with the spelling bee coordinator and your district’s main sponsor.  All decisions rendered at this time will be final.

Ø   Expenses:  ribbons, medals, traveling trophy